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1. How we can give you a Quote

We appreciate how valuable your time is and how hectic your schedule probably is with a move to plan. In order for our team to provide you with a concise quote you will need to select one of these options in order for our team to gather the relevant details without demanding too much of your time:

  •  One of our Surveyors can visit you at your property to complete a Pre-Move Survey of your belongings that will need to be packed up and moved.

  •  You can shoot a video of the items you with to move and sent it to us with any critical measurements or packing instructions (i.e. disassembly, crating of fine arts, etc.)

2. Provide a Quote with a Move Plan

Once we have all the necessary details about your personal possessions, your current and new property (including access points, location, etc.) and your specific needs, we will provide you with a full quotation along with a recommended Move Plan.

3. Need Extra Help? No Problem

We are always available and willing to offer all the extra help needed to ensure this is a smooth move and you can start feeling settled into your new home as quickly as possible. Go Pro Moving Company offers a list of Optional Services that allow you to select further assistance that will make your move experience as stress-free as possible. These services range from specialized crating to cleaners and handymen.

4. Packing

We highly recommend our professional pack and unpack service that is conducted on site at both your departing home as well as your new home. However, if you prefer packing yourself, we can provide you with the necessary materials and deliver them to your home.

5. Reduce Waste

Our team strives to reduce waste generation that frequently occurs with packing materials. Therefore, during your moving experience, we will predominantly use reusable materials, we love recycled boxes, or for office moves we will use plastic crates, and we love to protect furniture and use thick blankets.

6. Insurance

Our insurance record is remarkably good which enables us to continue to offer good, competitive rates. However as with any industry, accidents can happen. It is, therefore, advisable to purchase comprehensive insurance in the event of accidental damage. In the unlikely event a claim has to be made, it will be dealt with efficiently and professionally.

7. We are Ready to Work on Moving Day

Our team takes punctuality very seriously and will be ready to go as soon as they arrive on your confirmed moving day. The team will consist of a Crew Leader who will start by doing a thorough walk through with you to reconfirm the agreed plan so they are not to be in your way. After this is agreed, they will start to:

  •  Protect corners and floors

  •  Disassemble large items for easier and safer transit

  •  Protect any furniture that maybe extra fragile or in the way of traffic

  •  Wrap and pack electronics and art

  •  Wrap and pack all other items, as agreed

8. We will Meet You at Your New Home

Depending on the pre-selected service, we will see the move through until the final stages of your items arrival in your new home. If unpacking and assembly is part of the agreed experience, we will work with you on setting up your belongings in your new home to allow you to settle in as quickly as possible.

Two Go Pro Movers


  • 2 man crew

  • two hour minimum 

  • Includes 26 ft. truck

  •  minimum + $75 trip charge

Three Go Pro Movers 


  • 3 man crew

  • two hour minimum 

  • Includes 26 ft. truck

  • minimum + $75 trip

Four Go Pro Movers


  • 4 man crew

  • Four hour minimum + $75 trip charge

  • Four hour minimum

  • Includes two (2) 26 ft. truck

Five Go Pro Movers


  • 5 man crew

  • Five hour minimum + $75 trip charge

  • Five hour minimum

  • Includes three (3) 26 ft. truck

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