Always Prepared

Go Pro Moving Company is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

Your team of professional movers is there to help. So you can help them out by making sure they have all the information they need. Here are a few things you can do to help your team out on moving day.


  • Tell us which boxes you need first at your new home and we'll load it last on our trucks. That way, you won’t have to go searching for those important items. FINISH PACKING BEFORE MOVING DAY

  • We repeat: no packing on moving day! Have everything ready to roll when the team shows up.


  • Don’t pack cash, jewelry, or prescription medications - keep these with you. You might need to access them on moving day, and it’s nice for the movers if they know they don’t need to worry about keeping track of these small, but very important items.


  • Please know where your movers can park the truck, how they can best access your apartment, and if there are any time limitations on parking or moving hours


  • Remove all heavy and breakable items are from dressers and desks, so they’re easier to lift. It also helps to disassemble bedroom sets to save time on moving day

  • We know a lot about moving . . . Read these useful moving tips before your move and learn from our experience.

  • Plan – buy a notebook or folder and keep all of the details of your move in one place.

  • Declutter – Moving gives you a great opportunity to declutter, why move things you’ll never use? Discard broken or unnecessary items and re home other items to a worthy cause. We work with local charities so can always help with this.

  • Create an inventory – this is the perfect time to make a detailed list of your belongings. Your inventory can also be used to help value your insurance coverage and keep your packing organized.

  • Every move will have a designated team leader – please request a walk through of your property before and after packing to everything is clear. This will avoid confusions throughout the day and help ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Utilities – DO NOT turn your electricity off until after your move is complete. Working in extreme temperatures will slow our moving team down.

  •  Personal Care – Please ensure there is a toilet available for our moving crew to use.

  • Order boxes – If you are packing your self make sure you have enough boxes and supplies for your big day!

  • Pack in advance – Any items you do not use, get packed. You will be far more relaxed on the day if you have made a start. Remember to place heavier objects at the bottom and make sure that your boxes aren’t too heavy for someone to lift. 

  • Mark your boxes clearly – It helps everyone if your boxes are market clearly on the outside.

  • New Contact details – This is very important and can be planned ahead of your move day. Make a list of all credit card and utility companies, newspapers, and Internet and cable providers and create template to send out with your new details.

  • Important items – Make sure any jewelry, phones, laptops, chargers, prescriptions, glasses etc. are all accessible and in a safe place on your move day.

  • Lean on your friends – having children and/or pets around on move day adds to any stress. Play dates are perfect on move day!

  • Take Out Menus – At the end of a long day you will be starving! Keep a selection of take out menus with your moving plan so you can quickly order for you and/or your family.

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